Dental anatomy

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Maxillary Central Incisors (#8, #9)

1. They have the greatest faciolingual axial inclination.
2. The cervical curvature of the CEJ on the mesial surface is greater than any other tooth.
3. The incisocervical (blue line) and mesiodistal (green line) measurements can be nearly identical.
4. They are the non-molar tooth that most frequently has a mesial and distal pulp horn.
5. They are the only anterior teeth that are wider mesiodistally than faciolingually.
6. They are the non-molar tooth that are least likely to have a bifurcated root.

Pictured here: Tooth #8

Maxillary Lateral Incisors (#7, #10)

1. They have the most crown shape variations and morphology except for the third molars.
2. They are the most frequent congenitally missing tooth (other than the third molars).
3. The root length is usually equal to or longer than that of maxillary central incisors.
4. They are most likely to have lingual pit caries and complicated root planing due to the distolingual groove.
5. They have the most prominent marginal ridges and deepest, most distinct lingual fossas ​of all anterior teeth.
6. The faciolingual and mesiodistal measurements are nearly identical.

Pictured here: Tooth #7

Maxillary Canines (#6, #11)

1. They have the greatest overall total tooth and root length of any tooth.
2. They are the only tooth that can contact both an anterior and a posterior tooth in occlusion.
3. The distal bulge creates asymmetry between the mesial and distal portions of the tooth.
4. They have the greatest facial-lingual crown dimension and cervical prominence of any other anterior tooth (see the blue line).
6. When viewed from the facial, the crown shape is pentagonal.

Pictured here: Tooth #6

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