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How to use our 3D models:

To Rotate: Click with the left mouse button, hold, and move the cursor as needed.
To Zoom In: Scroll up.
To Zoom Out: Scroll down.

In order to provide you the highest quality models, please allow some time for them to load.

Mandibular Central Incisors (#24, 25)

1. The most bilaterally symmetrical tooth.
2. Has the smallest crown dimensions of any tooth.
3. The are the first succadaneous tooth to erupt in the mouth.
4. Along with maxillary third molars, they occlude only one opposing tooth
5. The proximal contacts are at approximately the same incisocervical levels on the mesial and distal.
6. They have greater cervical CEJ curvature on the mesial than on the distal.
7. The have the sharpest set of mesial and distal incisal angles.

Pictured here: Tooth #25

Mandibular Lateral Incisors (#23, 26)

1. Their mesiodistal width is wider than that of mandibular central incisor.
2. The crown twists distally in relation to long axis of tooth. Thus, the distal marginal ridge is visible from the mesial.
3. Along with mandibular central incisors, they most frequently have concavities on their mesial and distal root surfaces.
4. Their root is longer than those of central incisors.
5. The marginal ridges and cingulum are slightly more pronounced than central incisors.

Pictured here: Tooth #26

Mandibular Canines (#22, 27)

1. They have the straightest mesial alignment of crown to root – the mesial surface of the crown is almost parallel to the long axis of the tooth.
2. They have the longest crown dimension of any other tooth in the mouth (see blue line).
3. They are the anterior tooth that most frequently exhibits a bifurcated root (creating a facial and lingual root).
4. They have a continuous convex facial surface from incisal to apical, creating a C shape from the crown tip to the root apex.

Pictured here: Tooth #27

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